Camped out crowds greeted by The King, William and Catherine on the Mall

The Royals said hello to those camping ahead of tomorrow's coronation

Die-hard royal fans and tourists were unexpectedly greeted by The King, and Prince and Princess of Wales this afternoon, ahead of the coronation tomorrow.

Hundreds of people are already camped out along the Mall, which will see two processions as The King and Queen leave Buckingham Palace for Westminster Abbey, and again on their return. Some have already been in place, guarding a front-row view, for a week…!

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King Charles III meets royal fans on The Mall after attending a lunch at Buckingham Palace

The King was driven in a State Bentley, having attended a final rehearsal today at Westminster Abbey, and spoke to members of the public who offered their good wishes for tomorrow in a surprise appearance.

With the weather forecast looking distinctly wet, Charles was heard saying ‘Rain is a blessing… except when you’re camping!’.

He thanked others for coming as he walked down one side of the crowds.

Prince William was seen heading to the Abbey in his Order of the Garter robes, too.

The Prince and Princess of Wales arrived together, taking the other side of the Mall.

Shaking hands with well-wishers and hearing about their time camped out, William told some ‘I pray you guys stay dry,’ while to others he welcomed them to London and wished them a great weekend of celebrations.

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Catherine confirmed the family had an early start tomorrow, but that the occasion ‘is a great moment for celebration’.

Cries of ‘God save The King’ could be heard, while others offered luck for the historic day to the Royal they spoke to.

Many were draped in Union flags, with some even sporting inflatable crowns.

The Royals had additionally attended a lunch reception at Buckingham Palace for Commonwealth leaders attending the service tomorrow, including the Australian Prime Minister and President of Rwanda.

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