The Dancing Duchess: Camilla dances but is in tears listening to domestic abuse stories

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall was on good form today as she showed off her fancy footwork on a visit to the Royal Voluntary Society, before she went on to hear about the progress of domestic abuse victims, visibly moved by some stories.

Camilla attended a tea party where she took to the dance floor (Clarence House)

The Duchess’ day in Bristol started with a tea-party at the Trinity Centre. Camilla has been involved with the Royal Voluntary Society as their president since 2013. The organisation  helps older people stay active and independent.

When asked to dance by The Sun’s Royal Photographer, Arthur Edwards, Camilla initially declined: “I don’t have my dancing shoes on. Why don’t you ask some of the others?”

But Arthur persisted and the Duchess gave in some persuasion: “I want to dance with the best looking girl in the room,” he charmed her.

After swinging around the floor to ‘Shake, Rattle and Roll’, Camilla joked “Don’t tell my husband!”

She also gave Graeme Puckett of the Hoppin’ Mad group the opportunity to dance with her, while visitors clapped along, impressed at the 69-year-old’s moves, before having a rest and enjoying cream tea.

The tone changed with the next engagement, as The Duchess of Cornwall visited the offices of Women’s Aid. The charity aims to provide life-saving services and build a future where domestic violence is not tolerated.

The Duchess of Cornwall listens to moving stories from domestic abuse victims from Women’s Aid (Clarence House)

It was here that she was moved to tears, as she listened to the stories of brave women who had suffered abuse at the hands of their partners and lived to tell the tale.

Claire Throssell’s  partner was given a 2-hour access visit to spend time with his children. In that short time, he killed the children, leaving their mother devastated. From that moment, she has worked with the charity to help stop other parents from experiencing such a horror, and to put the children first, instead of remembering the abuser. A number of MPs are now behind this campaign.

This is a cause Camilla has been behind for a number of years, including masterminding the idea of a wash-bag to be given to victims of rape and sexual abuse.

Finally, it was onto see some independent stores on North Street in Southville, many of which are award winning. Camilla watched some salted caramel pralines being made in chocolate and flower shop, Ivory Flowers and Zara’s Chocolates, commenting it must be lovely for the proprietor to go to work each day.

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