Duchess Camilla revealed she keeps bee hives at home at Bee Garden Party

On Wednesday, The Duchess of Cornwall had a busy day of engagements as she attended a reception at Fulham Palace and a Garden Party at Marlborough House.

camilla, the duchess of conrwall at fulham palace (clarence house)

Camilla started the day visiting the gardens of Fulham Palace to attend a reception to mark the palace’s reopening to the public following the completion of a restoration project. Upon her arrival, Camilla was accompanied by the CEO of the palace, Sian Harrington, and met those who worked in the garden and the museum, as well as staff and volunteers.

Fulham Palace has been closed following the completion of a restoration project, featuring a new museum, a restored Tudor courtyard and a collection of historically plants in the garden.

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camilla learns about the garden at fulham palace. she is patron of their regeneration project (clarence house)

Her Royal Highness also unveiled a plaque to mark her visit to the new museum and was presented with a jar of honey produced by the colonies of bees located in hives in the Walled Garden.

In the evening, The Duchess of Cornwall attended the Bees for Development biennial Bee Garden Party at Marlborough House. Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla previously met the charity’s representatives in 2015 during a visit to Monmouth.

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During the visit, Camilla tried honey from all over the world, including Ghana, Trinidad and India, kneeling down to tap a hammer onto a willow Ugandan-style hive.

Founded in 1993, Bees for Development has now worked in more than 50 countries worldwide, undertaking beekeeping project work on behalf of organisations such as the United Nations and the World Bank, and managing local and national initiatives in countries such as Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana and Uganda, supporting people out of poverty through beekeeping.

The Duchess revealed that she keeps 10 hives at her country home, RayMill House, and sells their limited edition honey every year though Fortnum & Mason, with all proceeds going to a charity of which she is patron.

We also know that Prince Charles keeps hives at Clarence House, and Highgrove.

At the Garden Party, the future Queen met the famous television baker, Mary Berry and artist Artizani, who had several hives on display with comical scenes.

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camilla browses the honey products (clarence house)

Every two years, the organisation holds a Bee Garden Party to raise funds and awareness of their work. Plans for this year’s event included honey and mead tasting, bee-pollinated food, famous chefs explaining their use of honey and actors dressed as beekeepers for a piece of bee theatre.

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I have realized that Honey is very nutritious and effective for growth . In that sense, the work of Bee for development is very meaningful, I think.


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