Duchess of Cambridge brings together donations for baby banks & speaks of emotional visit

The Duchess of Cambridge has been at the centre of a huge push to send items to baby banks for families in need. Catherine has brought together 19 British brands, including Marks and Spencer, Matalan, and Mamas and Papas, to donate over 10,000 new items to more than 40 baby banks across the UK.

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Baby banks help families with essentials for raising a child, usually at the referral of a midwife or other professional. 1 in 100 families in the UK have used a baby bank.

There has also been an increased demand for such help since the coronavirus pandemic hit the UK.

In a video released by Kensington Palace, we see the Duchess unloading a pallet of supplies during a visit to Baby Basic UK & Baby Basics in Sheffield earlier today.

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The Royal also sat down to talk with families about their situation and their use of baby banks. This is the first time we have see Kate in a mask, following safety guidelines.

Kate spoke about other visits to baby banks, which were emotional: “I remembered a couple of the families I met from King’s Lynn and I went home and literally burst into tears, their stories were so moving.

“The struggles they have gone through, the bravery they have shown… in extraordinary circumstances. Helping their families through these extraordinary times.”

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Cat Ross, CEO of Baby Basics, told Kate: “Often in a world where there is a lot of judgement and stereotyping about being poor, that additional stress can be even more difficult for parents who are doing amazing things to keep their families going with such strength, such determination.”

The Duchess began this project after visiting a local branch in Norfolk, and learning more about the need for such necessities.  The visit was unknown until today, and a snap of her volunteering session shared.

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