Duke of Cambridge launches Prince William Award in Abergavenny

Prince William was in Abergavenny, Wales, earlier today, where he launched a new award scheme for his patronage, SkillForce.

On St David’s Day, the future Prince of Wales visited Llanfoist Fawr Primary School to launch an award in his name, which is aimed at helping children gain confidence and self- esteem. He wore a daffodil – the national flower of Wales – to mark the day.

William, 34, took part in multiple activities throughout the morning, including making a straw and marshmallow tower, building a tent while blindfolded, and transporting a ball to safety, while imagining it being a ‘radioactive cell’. Over 80 pupils took part in these exercises, designed to improve a child’s leadership skills, discipline, confidence and resilience, alongside the Duke.

The Duke of Cambridge uses marshmallows and straws during a team-building activity in Abergavenny, where he launched The Prince William Award for SkillForce (Kensington Palace)

The ‘Prince William Award’ is aimed at 6-14 year olds and has been piloted in 37 British schools. The award focuses on experimental learning through three stages; Pioneer, Explorer, and Trailblazer, empathising character traits, team work, and responsibility respectively. It was developed at the University of Birmingham.

The Duke of Cambridge became Patron of the charity, SkillForce, in 2009, which works with schools to transform lives using the skills of ex-Service veterans.

Headteacher of the Monmouthshire school, Jon Murphy, said that students “could barely contain their excitement” for their Royal guest. The students were also joined by pupils from other schools in the area, who had participated in the award’s pilot year, including Caldicot School, Monmouthshire, and Bishopstone Primary School in Swindon, Wiltshire.

Abigail Squirrell, 10, said that the challenges in the ‘Prince William Award’, made her feel ‘more confident’. “I didn’t used to put my hand up in class to ask questions or give answers but now I am fine about speaking up”.

Another pupil said the award was an “amazing idea”.

In a short address, William said: “I believe an individual’s academic success, wellbeing and mental health depends not only on traditional qualifications.

“The ability for a child to develop character, courage and resilience to overcome setbacks is something I care deeply about. The Prince William Award aims to do just this – to develop children’s personal skills and equip children with resilience,” William finished.

Ben Slade, the Chief Executive of SkillForce stated, “We are thrilled to launch the Prince William Award, a pioneering new programme and the first of its kind, which will help children and young people build character, resilience and an inner strength for life.

“I want to thank The Duke for his fantastic support. Developing personal skills is as valuable as academic study, given that character traits such as courage, cooperation, listening and problem solving can affect academic performance, psychological wellbeing and job success later in life.”

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