Camilla commemorates Winston Churchill at Blenheim Palace

The Duchess of Cornwall today has commemorated Sir Winston Churchill, 50 years since his death.

Camilla travelled to Oxfordshire, where she unveiled a stained glass window at St Martin’s Church, Bladon, the resting place of former Prime Minister, who died in January 1965. The church is visited by thousands each year, who come to see Churchill’s simple family grave.

Emma Blount, an award-winning artist, designed the window, which reflects Churchill’s life and Christian themes. Two lights depict St Martin and St Alban (Britain’s first martyr), with its borders filled with symbols Churchill’s life. These including cigar, his favourite champagne, his poodles, and the famous ‘V for victory’ sign.

The window is also inscribed with aphorisms and speeches, including many less well-known statements concerning Sir Winston’s religious beliefs.

Winston Churchill served as First Lord of the Admiralty into WWI, then joined the army, having left his governmental role. He was a Major with the 2nd Battalion, Grenadier Guards in WWI, after which he was appointed Lieutenant-Colonel of 6th Battalion, Royal Scots.

He had a long and prosperous political career, serving two terms as Britain’s Prime Minister; Churchill lives on through his words, as some of the most well-known quotes in the world come from him. 


Following her visit to the church, the Duchess travelled to nearby Blenheim Palace, the place of Churchill’s birth, and his ancestral home. 

Here, she opened the new Churchill Memorial Garden, as well as unveiling a bust with The Duke of Marlborough. The garden was designed by Kim Wilkie.

Featured image: © Chloe Howard 2015

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