Camilla writes to family who lost daughter to brain tumour and donates to their charity

The Duchess of Cornwall has written to the family of a 10-year-old girl who died following a brain tumour, also making a donation to the family’s charity, set up in their daughter’s memory.

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Camilla has shown her support for a bereaved family

Katy Holmes was just 10 when she passed away in January 2012, having been diagnosed with a brain tumour three months before. Dave and Paula Holmes then set up The Katy Holmes Trust in their daughter’s memory, which raises money to fund research into childhood brain tumour, as well as raising awareness.

Camilla’s letter was received last week, a few months ahead of the North West Pride Awards, organised by the family’s charity; the awards in November will recognise inspirational individuals in the area.

The Duchess wrote: “You have achieved so much with the trust in your dear daughter’s name and I am sure that the awards will be a huge success.”

Katy’s sister, Charley, has designed the awards that will be handed out, of which Camilla approved: “I loved Charley’s design – it is perfect.”

The statuettes are in the form of angels, with wings and a halo; Charley created the design using Katy’s favourite colours.

“With my very best wishes, Camilla,” the Duchess concluded her letter.

Paula Holmes, Katy’s mother: “I am absolutely astounded that The Duchess of Cornwall has written to me and praised the work of the charity.

“It makes me even more proud of what has been achieved in Katy’s name. It is also wonderful for Charley to have her angel design praised by the Duchess.”

“We are very excited about the North West Pride Awards which will allow us to give something back to some of the many people who have supported The Katy Holmes Trust so generously in the last three years.”

The Katy Holmes Trust has raised more than £650,000 since its inception, and has pledged to invest £700,000 in research into childhood brain tumours.

 Photo: © Chloe Howard 2015

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