Charles and Diana wedding photos sell for $12,000

Unseen photos of Prince Charles and Lady Diana’s wedding have sold at auction for $12,000 in Boston.

The collection of 12 images, said to be never-before-seen, was taken on 29th July 1981 at Buckingham Palace, following the wedding ceremony.

Diana holds five-year-old bridesmaid Clementine Hambro

Diana holds five-year-old bridesmaid Clementine Hambro in one of the images sold.

The Crown Chronicles reported on the collection when it was announced they were to be sold – see the images here.

The photos were put up for sale by a former assistant of the late Earl of Lichfield, known professionally as Patrick Lichfield, almost 35 years after they were taken.

RR (Remarkable Rarities) Auction was the house that sold the images, obtained the exclusive photos. Lord Lichfield was the official photographer for the day, taking the formal and informal shots.

These 12 photos did not make the final cut, which were put into a photo album for the newly-wed couple.

“The candid and unrehearsed moments of the fairytale wedding captured in these photographs show a seldom seen side of the Royal family,” said Bobby Livingston, Executive VP of the auction house. “It’s not surprising that photographs commanded such an impressive figure— the public adored Princess Diana and these never-before-seen photos have an incredible amount of sentimental value for the millions of fans that remember the people’s princess.”

One striking image sees the bride and groom standing on Buckingham Palace balcony as they greet the crowds who have gathered on the Mall to celebrate their wedding. Another candid snap depicts the Queen watching the crowds on her own television.

The Queen features in several of the images, along with other recognisable guests including Earl Spencer, Prince Andrew and Baroness Fellows.

The collection was accompanied by a note of authenticity along with a detailed letter of provenance identifying the subjects in each photograph and offering further information from Lord Patrick’s assistant.

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