Charles attends the Sovereigns Parade at Sandhurst

Today, Prince Charles represented The Queen at The Sovereign’s Parade at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

This parade is a passing out ceremony, marking the senior cadets completion of their commissioning course.

Charles attends the Sovereign's Parade on behalf of The Queen at Sandhurt. I-images

Charles attends the Sovereign’s Parade on behalf of The Queen at Sandhurst. I-images

Upon his arrival at Sandhurst, The Prince of Wales was given a Royal salute by the officer cadets. In front of Charles were more than 140 men and women senior officer cadets from the UK, with more than 20 others from 18 overseas countries.

The Prince wore his Army field marshal uniform.

Before a speech, Prince Charles reviewed the senior team and presented the following awards; the Overseas Award, The Queen’s Medal (for academic achievement), the Overseas Sword and the Sword of Honour.

He started his address by saying: “Ladies and Gentlemen, it is a great privilege once again to represent The Queen at this Sovereign’s Parade. It is a great day for you all and for your loved ones gathered here for this occasion.  A proud day after months of toil.” 

The Royal, during his speech, warned that ISIS is ‘a cult of death and destruction‘.

At the end, of his speech,  he concluded: “I believe that there are men and women on parade today who will confront trials as great as any faced by our forebears who carried us through two world wars.”

Among those in the stands there was Kim Murray, wife of tennis ace Andy, who watched as her brother Scott Sears was given the Commandant’s Merit Award. Kim proudly posed for pictures with her brother, and gave him a congratulatory hug.

The future King has represented The Queen at the Sovereign’s Parade on three previous occasions 1978, 1989 and 1998.

Prince William passed out of Sandhurst in late 2006, after completing his degree in geography at St Andrew’s. Prince Harry left in 2006 after his training, having not gone to university; the Princes were inspected by their grandmother, The Queen, stifling giggles as she went past.

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