Charles wants cherry trees to return to Regents Park

Prince Charles has called for the return of a Cherry tree avenue to Chester Road in Regent’s Park.

In April, the Prince made a statement about the Royal Parks Foundation (RPF) campaign, lending his support to replant the cherry trees which lined the London road. The trees, which blossom a pale pink flower, were cut down in February, having reached the end of their natural lifespan.

100 saplings were replanted along Chester Road of Regent’s Park almost 40 years ago, in 1978, replacing the originals of the 1930s. The avenue was created at the same time as the famous Queen Mary’s Rose Gardens, and provided a colourful spectacle throughout the year.

Cherry trees in Regent's Park have been removed and Prince Charles wants them to be reinstated - Rakka

Cherry trees in Regent’s Park have been removed and Prince Charles wants them to be reinstated – Rakka

Prince Charles said: “Historic avenues of trees are one of the things that make the [Royal] Parks so special, which is why I am so pleased to support the Royal Parks Foundation’s vision to restore the Cherry Tree Avenue in Regent’s Park.

“The proposed planting will bring pink tinted blossom in the spring, and yellow-golden leaves to lift the spirits every autumn. I am sure the many visitors to the park will derive great pleasure from this changing spectacle of the seasons.”

Now, the fundraising has reached almost 60% of its £176,000 target to pay for 100 ‘Prunus’ Sunset Boulevard saplings to be planted, and the maintenance for a decade.

The Prince of Wales is patron of the Royal Parks Foundation, which manage the eight Royal Parks of London. The organisation aims to raise funds and awareness to support the 5,000 acres which make up the Royal Parks: Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, Richmond Park, Bushy Park, St James’s Park, Green Park, Regents Park and Primrose Hill, and Greenwich Park.

Sigismund Goetze, a local resident and artist, donated the money to make the project possible in the 1930s. The Foundation will recycle the old tree trunks into practical items such as bird boxes and picnic tables to be placed back into the Royal Parks.

The RPF will send donors a unique gift, crafted from the wood of the old trees, as well as an invitation to a Dedication Ceremony in Spring 2016. You can donate here, and commemorate a special occasion, or loved one.

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