Charles in Transylvania – Prince sets up foundation to protect rural Romania

Prince Charles has set up The Prince of Wales Romania Foundation in order to protect Romania’s rural heritage.

Charles explained it was his affection for Romania that saw him set up the organisation, in an interview for Romanian TV.© Chloe Howard 2015

‘I love Romania. But don’t forget I have a great-grandmother from Transylvania so I have many reasons to start it here.’

The Transylvanian landscape has changed little over the past century, and as a man who believes in sustainable and organic farming, working with the land, this may have been what attracted him to the area.

The Prince has visited the country regularly since his first trip there in 1998, where he has said he was ‘totally overwhelmed by its unique beauty and its extraordinarily rich heritage.’

The foundation is the first to carry the heir-to-the-throne’s name outside of the UK, Commonwealth and Australia, and was established on his most recent trip to Transylvania last week. Charles arrived in Romania on Sunday and has been staying in his country retreat in the remote village of Valea Zalanului.

The Prince of Wales bought two properties in a hilly, rural area, roughly 150 miles north of the country’s capital, in 2010.

One of the first projects undertaken by the new organisation, will be the restoration a building in the village of Viscri, which a Unesco World Heritage site, and German ethinic village. Prince Charles owns the building. It will be used as a community centre, alongside courses it will run for locals and tourists.

‘I hope we can use this location for education and development, and thus create jobs,’ said Prince Charles.

Photo: © Chloe Howard 2015

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