Charles visits Ty Hafan children’s hospice and Wales Air Ambulance HQ in Llanelli

As patron of the Ty Hafan Children’s Hospice, and a lifelong supporter of the Wales Air Ambulance, Prince Charles visited both organisations yesterday, on his latest visit to Wales.

His trip comes two days after hosting an awards ceremony with wife, Camilla, to recognise the contribution of universities to society.

Upon his arrival into Surry, a small group of staff members were waiting, waving Welsh flags and shaking the Prince’s hand as he progressed along the line outside Ty Hafan Children’s Hospice.

The Ty Hafan charity supports children from Wales with life-limiting illnesses. The Prince of Wales is patron of the charity and visited the base of the hospice on his visit to Wales, meeting staff and visitors there.

Charles was introduced to a number of residents at the hospice and left his handprint on the hand wall, and re-signed it, having done so previously, some 17 years ago. He dipped his hand into purple paint and left his mark on the wall, signing below it “Charles. 23/1/18”, in his distinct handwriting.

prince charles re-signs the wall 17 years after his first visit to ty hafan (clarence house)

the prince of wales’ contribution to the wall (clarence house)

The director of the hospice showed the future King an enclosed playground, that has been specially modified to be safe for children with disabilities. The Royal commented on the beautiful views of the sea from the playground.

He also met Sam, a volunteer at the hospice who first started working there 15 and-a-half years ago. Sam’s mother met Prince Charles on his visit to the hospice in 2001, and she remarked at the time the Prince took to meet and talk to everyone personally.

prince charles views the playground overlooking the sea at ty hafan (clarence house)

charles met with volunteers, staff and residents of the hospice (clarence house)

A brief stop saw the Royal head Morriston Hospital in Swansea, to attend a reception to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the League of Friends; this is a charity that supports hospitals by providing equipment and services.

The Prince was tasked with cutting a cake for the occasion.

prince charles cuts a cake to mark 75 years of the league of friends (clarence house)

Later in the day, Charles headed to Llanelli to open the new HQ and base of the Wales Air Ambulance Charity. It was 17 years ago that Charles officially opened the first Air Ambulance base in Wales, so yesterday was a real throwback for him.

When the Prince arrived at the base, he was escorted to one of the new red helicopters, sitting in the cockpit and smiling as he talked about what it is like to fly with one of the pilots; The Prince of Wales holds a pilot licence, like his father, middle brother and sons.

the prince of wales visited the welsh air ambulance (clarence house)

prince charles has a go in the helicopter’s cockpit (clarence house)

He then addressed a small audience of reporters and staff, thanking them for their hard work saving lives as he pulled away the Welsh flag from a plaque, thus officially opening the new Wales Air Ambulance Charity HQ.

Prince Charles was also introduced to a group of children from Encore Stage School, an acting school from Llanelli, dressed in historic dress.

The heir to the throne has dedicated his life to supporting many Welsh charities since becoming Prince of Wales, and re-visiting both Ty Hafan and the Wales Air Ambulance Charity HQ 17 years after his last visit must have brought back many happy memories for the Prince.

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