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Today is the last official day for The Duke and Duchess of Sussex as working members of the Royal Family. This is just a short post to let our readers know how we will be following Prince Harry and Meghan in future.

The short answer is: we won’t be.

Since The Crown Chronicles exists to cover the work of The Queen and Royal Family, and support our constitutional monarchy, reporting on this independent life and non-royal charity work does not fit with our ethos. Therefore, it seems right to cease our reporting on them.

Various polls we conducted on our social media channels also showed that you, our readers, largely agree with this idea – that the couple will no longer be part of the Royal Family, so will not seek to follow them.

There will be a small number of exceptions to this rule: any news that has an effect on the wider Royal Family, such as another child for Harry and Meghan, would be covered, because it would change the line of succession. They will, of course, also receive mention should they attend public family events, such as Trooping the Colour, or be at Sandringham on Christmas Day, and we look forward to seeing them at these events.

But new charitable works and appearances will sadly no longer be found on our web pages. Many other outlets will cover it for you, and we suspect the Sussexes’ new social media pages will be very active, too.

The couple have chosen to step back from royal duties to pursue a life outside of the Royal Family, and indeed, outside of the UK on their own terms; for this – and choosing the path they believe is right for their family – we respect them. The entire TCC team wish Harry, Meghan and Archie all the best in California, but we will be watching their journey from afar.

Victoria, and team



Some of you may also question our stance on Prince Andrew, since we haven’t put out a statement about him. Now seems as good a time as any to clarify our position, if that was at all necessary. Following the same logic, since The Duke of York has stepped down from his duties as a working Royal – albeit it in much more serious circumstances than the Sussexes – he will also no longer receive coverage, or feature on the site. The difference, however, is that the Duke has no plans to undertake any other work in future.

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