David Cameron supports request to give George and Charlotte privacy

Prime Minister David Cameron yesterday expressed his sympathy and support of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s request regarding paparazzi photos of their children.

Mr Cameron was on BBC Breakfast when he made comments relating to the letter released by Kensington Palace.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge pose for a group picture before  trip around Auckland harbour, New Zealand, Friday, 11th April 2014. Picture by  i-Images

David Cameron has shown his support for William and Catherine’s request. Picture by i-Images

“I am concerned and I have every sympathy with the Royal couple,’ Mr Cameron said on BBC Breakfast.

“They very generously have made available pictures of their wonderful children to the British press and the British press have behaved, frankly, very well because they printed those pictures.”

William and Catherine are concerned about the ‘disturbing’ lengths photographers are going to in order to get images of their children, particularly Prince George. This included an incident last week, where one man was hiding in a car all day with food and drink, and lying in the boot of the car, peeping out of a small hole to take photos.

“But they [the British press] haven’t been, as I understand it, printing paparazzi pictures and it’s very important they don’t because if you start printing the paparazzi pictures, the paparazzi go further and further in trying to get pictures of the Royal Family.”

Mr Cameron is also a father, having three children, following the death of his eldest son, Ivan, in 2009.

“But we need to do now is to persuade some of these foreign publications not to use these pictures. I do think William and Kate deserve some privacy and some space as they bring up their children.

“They do make available some pictures so we can all see and share in the joy they’ve got with their children but they should not be harassed by paparazzi.”

We would like to remind readers of our policy regarding images of members of the Royal Family, including children, has always been not to publish unless it is of importance to the general public to see the images, or it is at an event where they are expected to be seen, such as Trooping the Colour.

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