‘George loves ladybirds’ Catherine reveals as she supports early intervention programme

Today, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge made some revelations about two-year-old Prince George, as she showed her support for more early intervention programmes for children.

In Islington, the Duchess spent time in the Town Hall, where the charity Chance UK began two decades ago. Inside, Kate spoke with children at risk of developing anti-social or criminal behaviour and their mentors, supported by the organisation.

The Duchess of Cambridge arriving for a reception for the charity Chance UK at Islington Town Hall in London. Picture by Stephen Lock / i-Images

The Duchess of Cambridge arriving for a reception for the charity Chance UK at Islington Town Hall in London. Picture by Stephen Lock / i-Images

Chance UK operates an early intervention programme to change the challenging behaviour of primary school-aged children through intensive individual mentoring and family support. It also encourages self-worth and a support system for children aged 5-11 with weekly mentor sessions.

Carl Goddard, 10, and his mentor Claire Butler, 29, showed Kate a picture of him at the Natural History Museum, of which Catherine is a Patron.

“She was telling me that she took George to the Natural History Museum,” Carl said.

His mentor spoke of the Duchess’ conversation about George. “She said that George was more interested in a pigeon they found there rather than all the amazing exhibits.”

Carl said: “I was a bit nervous (to meet her) but when I got my first word out it felt normal. I like coming to Chance and it’s helped me to try new things out. I’ve started to try out new things, for example sushi. ‘I was telling her (Kate) about what a good mentor should have.

“She should be empathetic so she can put herself into the child’s shoes and think about how they are feeling. And also she should be organised.”

Early intervention, in terms of moulding a young person to become a responsible adult and treating mental health issues sooner, have been championed by Catherine in almost every engagement since the birth of Princess Charlotte, including on World Mental Health Day with Prince William, and in Dundee last week.

Addiction, art and children’s hospices and palliative care are the other main causes the Duchess supports.

Kate, in a grey Orla Kiely dress, then spoke with Faith Buchanan, 8: “We were talking about insects and she said George likes them.”

Elizabeth, Faith’s mentor, revealed: “She said George’s favourite was the ladybird. It was amazing to meet her, Faith did all the talking, she was great and (the Duchess) was really interested in the charity.

“She seems very interested in early intervention, which is what the charity does. It’s great that she’s able to come here and learn more about the work we do.”


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