Kensington MP’s anti-Royal rant: says Harry ‘can’t fly helicopter’ & calls Cambridges ‘disgusting’

The Labour MP for Kensington and Chelsea has gone on an anti-monarchy tirade in the last few days, calling The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge ‘disgusting’, saying that Prince Harry can’t fly a helicopter (despite him being a trained pilot) and that Prince Philip was unfaithful to The Queen earlier in their marriage.

Emma Dent Coad – William, Catherine and Harry’s local MP – made some of these comments as she addressed a gathering hosted by Labour For A Republic and titled “Reigning in the Monarchy” yesterday.

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Amazingly, the MP thought that Prince Harry had no skill and infers he was of below par intelligence for the role, despite him serving in the army for 10 years, rising to the rank of Captain.

“Harry can’t actually fly a helicopter,” Dent Coad, 62, claimed. “He tried to pass the helicopter exam about four times and he couldn’t get through it at all so he always goes for the co-pilot. So he just sits there going ‘vroom vroom’.”

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Prince Harry was an Apache pilot and gunner (defence images)

Prince Harry served two tours of Afghanistan as an Apache helicopter co-pilot and gunner, meaning he was qualified to be in control of the aircraft’s weaponry, and sit behind the controls. Defence minister Tobias Ellwood invited Ms Dent Coad to go the Invictus Games, currently taking place in Toronto, adding: “Learn how it started… and who inspires our injured heroes”.

She spoke to BBC’s Daily Politics today, defending her words: “Somebody else will tell me whether or not that’s true but I’ve been told that’s an absolute fact that somebody sits beside him and drives the helicopters for him.”

During her address, the MP continued to be offensive about the Royals, saying that Harry and William are ‘not very bright’. “Just let them drift away, be playboys or whatever.”

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She did not note, however, that The Duke of Cambridge has a degree in geography from one of Scotland’s top university and was a trained RAF search and rescue pilot. Prince Harry also has A-level qualifications and was a trained commissioned army officer, in charge of soldiers.

Dent Coad then moved on to talk about The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh’s marriage. “The Queen might want to step back when she hasn’t got her (cough, cough) soulmate beside her.”

“He’s been mucking about for years, he’s not been a faithful husband,” she claimed, without proffering any evidence for her comments.

The Queen and Prince Philip weren’t safe from MP Dent Coad’s comments. Picture by Stephen Lock / i-Images

“I am the Royal Family’s worst nightmare” the Kensington MP boasted, and revealed that she had turned down an invitation to meet The Queen after she was elected.

Even Kate’s family, the Middletons, have not been safe from her criticism, despite them not being public figures. “The Middletons are no different to the Kardashians.

“A lot of the disaffected Tories who are so sprightly around the narrative of Kensington Palace have described the Cambridges as vulgar, which is hysterical really.”

Continuing her attack, Ms Dent Coad complained it was ‘disgusting’ The Duchess of Cambridge had reportedly bought jumpers at an estimated cost of £150 each. “That’s a food bill for a family of four,” she said. “That’s absolutely outrageous.”

Her comments have been slammed by other MPs from both the Labour and Conservative party. John Woodcock, former chairman of Labour’s backbench defence committee, issued a statement on Twitter saying the “highly inaccurate comments” did not reflect the views of his party.

“I want to make clear that the highly inaccurate statements reportedly made by one of our colleagues, which disparage Prince Harry’s military service, in no way reflect the views of my party,” Woodstock wrote.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry were slated by their local MP; even the Middletons were not safe. Picture by Stephen Lock / i-Images

“Like everyone who puts themselves in harm’s way to keep us safe, His Royal Highness deserves nothing but praise and respect for his service in the armed forces. In addition to his tours of duty in Afghanistan, Prince Harry inspires so many by the way he champions injured, ill and wounded servicemen and women and veterans through the Invictus Games he founded.

“I am really sorry this has happened.”

James Heappey, a former officer who is now Tory MP for Wells, criticised Ms Dent Coad comments and the timing of them: “As Prince Harry leads another brilliant Invictus Games, a Labour MP impugns his military service. Hope Labour condemn and she quickly apologises.”

Colonel Richard Kemp, who commanded the British force in Afghanistan, called on Ms Dent Coad to say sorry and said she had insulted all the troops with her remarks.

He said: “Harry took part in combat missions where he risked his life on numerous occasions.

“For a Labour MP to rubbish the record of a brave soldier like Harry is not only an insult to Harry but it’s an insult to all the soldiers who served with him.

“She should apologise – it’s completely wrong for people who’ve not been in that situation to criticise someone who has.”

The Kensington representative also hit out at the BBC for producing ‘sickening gratuitous coverage of anything royal’ and claimed the broadcaster was ‘very heavily directed by right-wing politics and the Monarchy’.

We are outraged by these comments and will be sending a letter to Ms Dent Coad. What are your thoughts on her vitriol?

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Sammii Wed 27 September, 2017 - 9:58 pm

She should be sacked on the spot. Simple as. no respect for the monarchy no respect for the country. goes hand in hand with each other

CATHERINE Williams Wed 27 September, 2017 - 10:51 pm

If she doesnt resign, She should be sacked, she’ll not get her seat next time….she may as well do one now…?

Jeff Sinfield Wed 27 September, 2017 - 10:52 pm

I guess in her eyes if all you can do is co-pilot and man the weaponry then you are a lesser person than the one who “drives”. What an insult to the men and women of our armed services. No doubt she sees the Able Seaman as a lesser person than the Captain because he or she doesn’t “drive” the ship. Such thoughts no doubt came to her late at night in the safety of her own home. It’s just a shame she forgot about the people who risk their lives to make sure her home and country remain safe.
What an embarrassment to her Party, what an embarrassment to the people who elected her.

Kimberley Wed 27 September, 2017 - 11:11 pm

Pity it isnt a few hundred years ago… treason and a spike at traitors gate would be waiting. I think tge toung royals are tge best yet and do sooo MUCH good.

Ann Armstrong Wed 27 September, 2017 - 11:12 pm

Surely she cannot be allowed to get away with so many lies, sack her at once. If she lived to be 1,000 she would never even scratch the bottom of what the Royal do for this country.

Barbara Scott Wed 27 September, 2017 - 11:15 pm

TRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, along with HRH Prince Harry, have done so much for veterans, that we need to thank them for their strength and courage in standing up for ordinary soldiers. We recognise the sacrifice they have made for our country. May God bless them and lead them to a successful outcome in leading the way ahead.

Melissa Thu 28 September, 2017 - 2:06 am

What a miserable piece of Baggage! Yes, the Princes could just slop around and be wasteful playboys, But that is not the calibre of these young men. No, Prince Harry went on active service where everyday all who served there were at risk. Prince William was on active duty in search and rescue. Prince Harry is putting his heart and soul into creating something that will give hope and purpose and dignity to injured service people with the Invictus Games. Both Princes are out supporting so many people wiith problems such as Mental illness. Like it or not, the royal family are working hard to inspire people, to acknowledge the work of amazing people, to bring hope to the forgotten in society, to raise awareness of issues that matter to them. What is Ms Dent Coad doing that she feels entitled to put down and criticise the work of some rather exceptional young men?

N.aLlgood Thu 28 September, 2017 - 4:20 am

What a vial and eval woman.. she is SUPPOSED to REPRESENT her COUNTRY not her own twisted mind.

Margaretbaugh Thu 28 September, 2017 - 6:25 am

Shut up wiman at the moment house if lords in news with their £300 attendance pay then go home and those who do stay some of them have bot uttered a word in possibly a year maybe a similar thing in houses of parlianent for all we know also my local store sells jumpers for a lot of money which some of us minions purchase you horrible woman oh and what about harry and the invictus games what she doing for disabled bet she does not say a good word about them if she did it would be a cruel remark no doubt Mag

ALANA BULL Thu 28 September, 2017 - 7:15 am

She should be charged with slander and lose her place in society. No respect for anyone living and no respect for the soldiers and servicemen and woman who have served the country.

lYNETTE Thu 28 September, 2017 - 7:49 am


Robert Adamson Thu 28 September, 2017 - 9:17 am

I think this mp is going to have to reign from labour party because things that she said makes full of the royal family and specialy talking about Prince Harry and Prince William and duchess of Cambridge and think people that is really bad and when I read the story make me feel really angry

Lynda and russ jones Thu 28 September, 2017 - 9:25 am

We agree she should be sacked. Jeremy corbyn should publicly condemn this. William and harry are doing amazing work for the royal family and dserve respect as they respect others.

Corinne loveday Thu 28 September, 2017 - 9:38 am

Has she been to Afghanistan and flown helicopters then !!!!!! Didn’t think SO….Dont really think she’s qualified to comment then…..

John Bryant Thu 28 September, 2017 - 10:45 am

This woman is ad disgrace nd and as far as saying the BBC is right wing leading why was most of last nights news taken up by the new Bliar’s conference speech.

Doug Reid Thu 28 September, 2017 - 10:50 am

She should have checked her facts before opening her stupid mouth. She would then have known that the apache has 2 seats. the front one is for the pilot and the rear one is for the weapons operator. the fuselage is narrow and there is no space for a 3rd seat next to the pilot!
she’s made herself a laughing stock and her constituents as well as her party should get rid of her asap!

Cynthia mitchell Thu 28 September, 2017 - 8:09 pm

She obviously has no clue as to what these young royals do for britain and the monarchy who are so well respected by millions around the world. Wonder if she can fly a helicopter. Before you look for the splinter in someone elses eye remove the plank from yours

Hermien pienaar Fri 29 September, 2017 - 6:10 am

“Off with her head….” Speech without thinking is not a sign of intelligence; Kensington mp needs to do introspection herself!

Vilma Maritz Fri 29 September, 2017 - 7:58 pm

As a labour mp, she should concentrate on saving the nhs, making sure that benefits are not cut to the bone, that the appalling number of children living in poverty are supported. there are numerous important and essential issues that a labour mp should be addressing. attacking people she does not even know, is nonsense. and the royal family serves britain. and her nasty comments on the price of clothes is proof that she is not thinking.

Jacqui Alenda Fri 29 September, 2017 - 7:59 pm

This woman is a disgrace to all of the Uk She spews volatile garbage re the royal family who have done more for the countries than she coyld ever do. She is a public servant and think a lot before she opens her mouth and spew this angry and eVil garbage. Harry os a joy to the world, he brings lve and happiness wherever he goes. Will aNd kate are wonderful and bring joy to many. This vIle woman should be stripped of her position and the newspapers stop covering her. Ignore. Ignore, ignore. She will go away or someone will hush her up!

Vilma Maritz Fri 29 September, 2017 - 8:02 pm

I forgot to ask: what does she think about the 44k bathroom facility that has been built for the use of the biking minister? should that issue and the ridiculous claims some of the mps make not be on her agenda? the other day one of them, who takes home a shocking amount of money, complained that he had to pay for a poppy day wreath out of his own pocket. talk about those people. leave the royal family alone.

Margaret Buckley Sat 30 September, 2017 - 2:23 am

Who the hell does she think she is? Get Rid Now. I have never heard so much rubbish in all of my life. She should be ashamed of herself.


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