Teachers and students in lockdown get Zoom call from Prince William & Kate

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge video called teachers and students at Casterton Primary Academy to thank them for their hard work and dedication.

William and Catherine spoke to pupils at Casterton Primary Academy in Burnley, asking how things were going. The school is located near to the local hospital, meaning many of their parents still have to go in to work. The school is also catering for five other local schools.

Some teachers are still at school, helping to keep an eye on the children of frontline workers, such as NHS staff, during the UK’s period of lockdown.

Part of the call saw the young boys show the Royals portraits of their parents (wearing bunny ears!) and spoke of why they are proud of them. Later, two girls show off their Easter flowers and baskets to the couple.

Prince William asked: “Is that a handbag!”

William and Kate heard from students who are still going to school, as their parents are key workers

The girl scoffed and corrected the future King: “No it’s an Easter bag!”

One pupil asked the Duke: “The first William was William the Conqueror. What do you want to be called?” Laughing, William declined to comment.

The children also asked them who ‘the best famous person’ was that they had met – and being royal, there have been plenty! Kate said it was Sir David Attenborough and that her eldest, Prince George, has been watching ‘Blue Planet’.

On the theme of wildlife, the Duchess told them Prince Louis loved ladybirds and had been in out in the garden looking for them.

The Duke and Duchess heard from staff, especially about some of the challenges they face; practical issues were also discussed, including food deliveries and mental health support, which is of special interest to Catherine.

The Duchess thanked staff for their work: “Well done honestly to you and everyone who’s in during this time. It must be such a relief for all the parents who are key workers to know that the normality is there for their children – they’ve got the structure and they’ve got a safe place for them to be.”

Teachers discussed issues they are facing during lockdown, as well as the positives with The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

“Good northern volunteering spirit going on up there, very good of you,” the Duke added. “We just want to say a huge thank you…and well done in keeping it all going. Please pass on many messages of support for all the staff and all the volunteers – they’re doing a great job.”

Kate also joked that her husband kept eating all the chocolate in their house, which was being saved for Easter.

The Cambridge family are currently in Norfolk.

You can watch their call here:

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