WATCH: Live feeds for Royal Baby

Here is a collection of UK live feeds so you don’t miss any of the action today.

  • The Telegraph has a very well-placed camera right in front of the doors, though not much is being shown currently. See it here.
  • The Daily Mirror has a camera down the far end of the pen, meaning can see what’s going on now with the journalists, and one near the doors. Watch it here.
  • The Metro also has a good position near the doors here.
  • BBC are covering the announcement with cameras at Buckingham Palace too, showing the crowds. They have guests and presenters talking too, to fill the time. See here.
  • Sky news has a feed with a well-position camera too – watch here.
  • The Express’ feed can be seen here. Cannot tell where it is positioned yet.

The post will be updated as more feeds come available.


Feature photo: By Auspic/Commonwealth of Australia [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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