Prince William & Kate’s remembrance video calls to serving personnel & bereaved families

As part of the 2020 remembrance commemorations, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have carried out video calls with military personnel stationed overseas and bereaved families.

Prince William spoke with servicemen and women on duty in Somalia, Qatar and the gulf last Thursday, to show support for the Armed Forces. He told them: “I hope that you know that we are still thinking about all of you and the important job you’re all doing, and that everyone is very grateful.”

The Duke of Cambridge wore a poppy pin for his call with members of the Armed Forces

The group included representatives from the British Royal Navy, the British Army, and the British RAF, . “I hope that over Remembrance Sunday we can remind people just how committed and determined, and how brilliant all the people we have in the Forces are around the world,” William said.

Since the resumption of lockdown, Royals have largely returned to calls to carry out duties, but senior members of the family attended official Remembrance Sunday commemorations at the Cenotaph.

The future King also joked about his lack of exercise during the lockdowns, commenting he would need help from Lead Physical Training Instructor, Damon Bell, a naval officer aboard HMS Melrose.

The Duchess, meanwhile, participated in her own video call on Monday from Kensington Palace, speaking to bereaved armed forces families, discussing how they keep the memory of their lost loved ones alive.

“It’s been a real honour to speak to all of you and I think I speak for the whole nation when I say just how proud you should be of your loved ones, and for the sacrifice and bravery they’ve shown”, Catherine said.

Charlton Taylor, 11, from Rhyl, Wales, chatted to the Duchess; his father, Royal Marine Michael Taylor, was killed in action in Afghanistan in 2010, and he chose to wearing the three medals that belong to him.

The Duchess of Cambridge heard from families who have lost loved ones in the line of duty

Asking Charlton to tell her about the medals, Kate said “Are those your daddy’s medals? Wow.”

“It’s very special that you’re wearing them”, she told him.

The Duchess went on to ask him if he would tell her a little more about his father, but laughed when the young boy said he could not remember much saying: “I think mum would explain it best, you take the floor, mum”. Charlton’s mother went on to describe how her husband had died when Charlton was just ten months old and her other sons were 11 and 13.

They also discussed the importance of the military community and the Royal British Legion, which provides financial and emotional support to bereaved military families.

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