90-year-old honours Queen’s record reign with poem

A 90-year-old poet has honoured The Queen’s record-breaking reign this year with a poem in her honour, and received a letter of approval from the Palace

Roderick Hynds from Portsmouth has written poetry for the last two decades, finishing over 200 of the lyrical verse, and sent his verse to The Queen to mark her special achievement.

Picture: i-Images

Picture: i-Images

It all began when he left work:

“When I retired I thought ‘what am I going to do with myself now’ and my daughter suggested that I write poems for Christmas and birthday cards.

“I started writing a few. I got to one and I kept going and that’s how it started really.

“I got into the habit of it. I have written about everything – animals, different people, different occasions – anything that happens in life.

“A lot has happened of course. I have lost a lot of people. There have been happy ones and sad ones.”

A number of his works have featured the Royal Family; he wrote one when Prince Charles married The Duchess of Cornwall in 2005 and when The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were married in 2011.


Mr Hynds was thrilled to receive a letter in repsonse to his poem.

“I’m really honoured,” he said.

“It’s exciting knowing that she has seen my poem. I like the Royal Family. I am a very patriotic person.

“Royalty is the country – that’s how important they are. They are loved all over the globe.”

Roderick’s poem is entitled ‘The Queen’:

Her Majesty the Queen has reigned supreme

Our longest reigning monarch that’s ever been

She has shared her love for our beloved country

Always with such grace, passion and identity.

Times may change and our life may alter

Her Majesty has ruled without a falter

With the calming influence of our lovely Queen

We have weathered the storms the world has seen.

With her steadfast husband his Highness Prince Philip

Who has stood by her side with never a blip

With his honesty and humour he brings the land alive

With Her Majesty the Queen they help us survive.

Congratulations Your Majesty from all your people

Let the bells ring out from every church steeple

For you Your Majesty we all will celebrate

For all over the world this is a special date.

All the world over just love our Queen

We all give thanks for who you have been

Long may you reign over us for many more years

Yes Your Majesty we all of us love you so dear.


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