Arsenal fan writes to The Queen – asking for FA cup final tickets

A letter to The Queen is nothing unusual – she receives hundreds every day. However, a plucky Arsenal fan has written to Her Majesty requesting a pair of tickets to the FA Cup Final!

Charlie Pearce having failed to get tickets in the usual way, went straight to the top of the tree – and asked The Queen for two tickets to the coveted fixture at Wembley,
Nicolas de Camaret
Arsenal and Aston Villa will play on 30th May in front of 25,000 fans in London. The two teams are known to be supported by members of the Royal Family; The Duke of Cambridge, who will present to FA Cup, is an Aston Villa fan, while Prince Harry is an Arsenal fan. It is also said Her Majesty supports the Gunners.

William said it could be ‘a very bad day’ if he has to give the cup to Arsenal, when he met the England Women’s Football Team a few days ago.

The response to the letter came from a senior correspondence officer at Buckingham Palace and said:

‘Your request for The Queen to help you get tickets for yourself and your friend Leo Murphy has been carefully noted, however, I am afraid that this is not a matter with which Her Majesty would be able to assist you.’

Mr Pearce was not too disheartened at the reply, saying: ‘It was worth a try’.

Photo: Nicolas de Camaret

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