Charles supports flood-hit areas & Queen sends prayers for victims

Following the record rainfall of Storm Desmond, Prince Charles has pledged to helped the communities affected.

The Prince’s Countryside Fund has announced a £40,000 grant to support rural communities, farmers and businesses who are suffering due to the storm, which saw 85 mph winds and 16 inches of rain fall in 48 hours.

Prince Charles is supporting affected communities and The Queen has sent her prayers. i-images

Prince Charles is supporting affected communities and The Queen has sent her prayers. i-images

£30,000 will go to Farming Help charities to support struggling farmers, with an additional £10,000 for the Cumbria Community Fund which is already fundraising for communities in the local area. The fund is also asking for public donations to bolster their support.

The Queen has also sent her prayers  the victims of Storm Desmond, expressing her ‘sympathy to all those whose homes or livelihoods have been affected by the recent flooding’.

Comedian Steve Coogan was forced to spend the night in his car, accompanied by his dog, stuck between two landslides in Cumbria.

He said: “I survived Bear Grylls-style on nuts and berries – but I bought them at Marks and Spencer.”

The Prince’s Countryside Fund will work with The Prince’s Business Emergency Resilience Group, an initiative of Business in the Community to support the communities affected and assist in their recovery longer-term.

Claire Saunders, Director of The Prince’s Countryside Fund said, “The full impact of the floods has yet to be realised, but many farms have lost livestock drowned in the flood waters, or been affected by landslips, while feed and equipment has been lost. The repairs to bridges, roads and dry stone walls will be an enormous job.

“This is a catastrophic blow to rural businesses which are already hard pressed. Many will be relying on Christmas trade to turn a profit and we need to act swiftly to help them get back on track. We’re urging farms and rural businesses in trouble to ask for help and contact the Farming Help charities and the Cumbria Community Foundation for advice and assistance.”

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