Coins released for Queen & Philip’s platinum wedding anniversary

The Royal Mint have announced the release of a range of commemorative coins to mark the platinum wedding anniversary of The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh. On 20th November of this year, it will be 70 years since the couple married at Westminster Abbey in 1947.

The commemorative coins will feature a double portrait profile of the couple to the front, while the reverse will show an image of The Queen and Phillip on horseback, as they used to appear at Trooping the Colour. The coin also carries the dates (1947-2017), and the quote ‘Wedded love has joined them in happiness’ inscribed around the image.

the royal mint are marking the queen and prince philip’s platinum wedding anniversary with coins

The range includes a variety of coins, including those made from gold proof, fine silver, silver proof and a brilliant uncirculated coin. The collection varies in price according to the type and weight of metal used to strike the coin, from £20, to £4625 for a platinum coin.

A spokesman for the Royal Mint said of the couple: “They have built an enduring partnership that is an inspiration to us all, as Britain celebrates this unique personal moment in royal history.”

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The Queen and Prince Philip celebrate their 70th – or platinum – wedding anniversary next month. Picture by Andrew Parsons / i-Images

Sculptor Etienne Milner designed the portrait profile, acknowledging The Queen and the Duke’s steadfast sense of duty to their country, as well as reflecting the support Philip has shown his wife in all his years as royal consort. Meanwhile, the image of the duo on horseback  was created by John Bergdahl, illustrating their shared passion for horses and equestrian activities. The Queen is a keen horse rider and race-horse owner, while her husband enjoys carriage racing, although he stopped competing a number of years ago.

The couple’s platinum wedding anniversary is the significant event, as it is the first time that a British royal couple will celebrate this milestone. Their wedding was a high point for post-war Britain, with the service broadcast live on the radio to over 200 million listeners. Princess Elizabeth’s dress was created using war-time ration coupons, as was their cake.

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