Jihadi bomb plot to kill Queen on VJ Day

Reports of a plot to assassinate Her Majesty The Queen on VJ day have surfaced – and MI5 and the police are still trying to thwart it.

Next Saturday, 15th August, is VJ Day, marking the anniversary of the end of the Second World War. It is here that British Muslim extremists plan to detonate a home-made bomb to attack The Queen, and cause maximum damage in central London on such a poignant day.

Picture by Stephen Lock / i-Images

Picture by Stephen Lock / i-Images

The Mail on Sunday are reporting that the police and MI5 are in a race against time to foil the plot, which is being orchestrated from Syria by so-called Islamic State. The paper also reports that sources claimed the plan is specifically aimed at The Queen, and so security provisions for the event have had to be re-examined and strengthened.

Public events such as this always have the highest security for this very reason – senior members of the Royal Family in a public area, surrounded by hundreds, if not thousands of people. Sniffer dogs are sent out to search for weapons, and snipers are placed atop nearby buildings, with numerous plain-clothed police officers and special agents in amongst the crowds.

It is thought a pressure cooker is the weapon of choice, which was used at the Boston Marathon in 2013, killing three and injured 260 more. London has few open spaces in its centre, and so any bombs detonated would cause maximum impact – particularly with many members of the public lining the streets, many of whom will have travelled to the capital, as well as senior public figures and members of the Royal Family.

Currently, only Prince Charles and Camilla are confirmed to be in attendance as Her Majesty lightens her work load aged 89, but having lived through the war herself and knowing the relief the end of the war brought to Europe, she may wish to attend.

Events planned for the day include a service at St Martin-in-the-Fields in Trafalgar Square, which The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh are likely to attend, as Prince Philip served as a naval commander during the war. Prime Minister David Cameron, dignitaries, more than 1,000 veterans of the campaign in the Far East along with their families, and serving members of the Armed Forces will also be in attendance at the service.

The Japanese surrendered on 15th August 1945, less than a week after atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, bringing the Second World War to a close.

Attendees will then move to Horse Guards Parade for a traditional ‘drumhead’ service, a flypast and a wreath-laying ceremony before a parade of VJ Day veterans, along with current troops, march down Whitehall to Westminster Abbey.

Veterans have been told they must bring photographic ID to obtain their tickets at the event – something which has never before been a requirement.

The 7/7 bombings were the UK’s worst attack on home soil in history, and with propaganda from ISIS and other terrorist organisations encouraging similar plots from impressionable Muslims in the UK, the country has been on high alert ever since.

No arrests have been made, but the activity of suspected plotters is being monitored closely.

The BBC will broadcast the day’s events.

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Lydia Lozano Sun 09 August, 2015 - 1:47 pm

God forbid. But I wonder if this happened, the UK would finally wise up, take away their benefits and make all of them leave.


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