Prince Philip’s favourite beer revamped & ready for royal drinker

A favourite tipple of The Duke of Edinburgh’s has been revamped after decades off the shelf – and Prince Philip is delighted.

The Duke’s favourite beer was Double Diamond, an ale, but production was stopped in the 1990s. Now, a brewery in Burton-on-Trent – home of lager Carling – has created a tribute version of the drink, called Dual Diamond. Letters were exchanged and Prince Philip has asked the company for a sample.

Philip’s private secretary wrote in a letter to the company, Old Cottage Brewery: “It was very nice of you to suggest that Prince Philip might like to try Dual Diamond beer.

“May I suggest that you arrange for the beer to be sent to Buckingham Palace, informing us of the courier details and date of delivery and we will make the necessary arrangements from this end.”

The Duke of Edinburgh prefers ales and beers to wine, and once demanded a drink whilst in Germany, in 2004: “Get me a beer!” he said at a reception.

Mick Machin with Kev Slater, who run Old Cottage, worked at the brewery that used to make Double Diamond. They said:

“A finished copy of the book [a Double Diamond recipe book] was sent to Prince Philip and I offered him some of the Dual Diamond as we’ve decided to do a limited number of bottles. Unsurprisingly he said yes.

“It’s not every day you get to buy royalty a beer.”

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