Queen conducts weekly audience with Prime Minister over the phone – see the photo

In a royal first, Buckingham Palace have released a photo of The Queen’s weekly audience with the Prime Minister. Her Majesty is shown using a landline, sitting at her desk, wearing a purple blouse and cardigan. She spoke to Mr Johnson from Windsor.

The weekly audience with the Prime Minister is usually held on a Wednesday evening at Buckingham Palace. However, in light of The Queen needing to be socially distant, because she turns 94 next month, this week’s meeting was conducted over the phone with Boris Johnson.

The Queen on the phone with Prime Minister Boris Johnson for their weekly audience

The Queen conducts her weekly audience with Prime Minister Boris Johnson over the phone (Royal Family)

Last week’s meeting was also held in this way.

Traditionally, Prime Ministerial audiences with the Monarch are strictly private, enabling The Queen to speak freely with the head of her government and offer advice. No secretaries are present, and no minutes are taken.

To get a photo of the event taking place has allowed us a small peek at the event, showing the cogs of constitutional monarchy in action.


The Queen headed to Windsor Castle last week, where she released a statement to show her support for the nation in the difficult time.

She praised those working to overcome Covid-19, and said that she and her family were ‘ready to play their part’ going forward.

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