Queen strips Corbyn of ‘Right Honourable’ Privy Counsellor title

The Queen has stripped Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn of his ‘Right Honourable’ title, used by Privy Counsellors.

Just a few days ago, the Parliamentary website was updated to show the left-wing politician was a Privy Counsellor, even though he missed the meeting in which he was to be sworn in. This was was described as ‘appalling’ by another member of the council.

It was thought he had used the Order of Council to become a member without attending, and kneeling and kissing The Queen’s hand – but it seems he hasn’t avoided this embarrassment.

Last week Corbyn was addressed as Rt Hon, denoting his position on the Privy Council

Last week Corbyn was addressed as Rt Hon, denoting his position on the Privy Council

Corbyn was even addressed at ‘the Right Honourable Gentleman’ by Prime Minister David Cameron as in Parliament, following his election as Leader of the Opposition.

The page has since been updated, stripping him of this style. This is thought to have been done on the orders of Her Majesty and the Office of her Privy Council, which carry out the wishes of the Sovereign.

Corbyn is no longer titled 'Right Honourable' on the government site

Corbyn is no longer titled ‘Right Honourable’ on the government site

The Cabinet Office confirmed that Mr Corbyn is not yet a member of the Privy Council at the weekend; this means he now cannot become a member of the centuries-old advisory body until the next meeting is held – probably next month.

Now, Corbyn must be sworn in and tHereford kneel and kiss The Queen’s hand, if he is to be privy to confidential government business, including finance and security. An expert on the Privy Council has said without following this protocol, the Labour leader will not be able to become a Counsellor.

No sensitive government information can be shared with him until after he is sworn in, swearing the oath to Her Majesty, which includes a confidentiality agreement. It seems to complicate the government’s efforts persuade Corbyn, a supporter of the Stop the War coalition and advocate of the white poppy, on backing British military action over Syria.

Interestingly, a poll on the Telegraph’s site shows that 63% of 15,000 voters think the republican should not be allowed to join the council.

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jane abbott Tue 13 October, 2015 - 9:00 pm

Shove him in the Tower !
How dare he disrespect our Queen.

Ian Hopping Tue 13 October, 2015 - 9:56 pm

Sorry, this is incorrect.

He hasn’t had the title withdrawn, because he never had it. You have to attend a meeting to get the title. He doesn’t have to kneel and kiss the Queen’s hand.

Cameron took 3 months to join, due to prior engagements.

Chloe Howard Wed 14 October, 2015 - 12:57 am

Dear Ian
The style was given to him mistakenly on the website as he is to become a consellor. The PC office requested it be removed and so ineffect he was stripped of the title.
Furthermore, a Privy Council expert has said Corbyn MUST kneel and kiss The Queen’s hand as this is the only way to become a member ie the traditional and therefore legal way.
Mr Cameron was not a republican, and only missed the first meeting as his son was born – a reasonable excuse I’m sure you’ll agree

Starlinguk Wed 14 October, 2015 - 10:23 am

Yeah, but putting that in the article/headline wouldn’t make people fume and go all Dailly Waily.

Vivien Rowe Wed 14 October, 2015 - 3:42 pm

Well, if he isn’t happy about having to liaise with the Queen, and accept all the protocol that goes along with it, how on Earth would he manage if he were to be elected as Prime Minister? The man needs to lose some arrogance and show more tolerance if he is to get on in politics!

Emrys Lawton Mon 07 December, 2015 - 8:02 am

Before I state my opinion I am a republican (although I see the need for our queen for financial purposes but that’s a different point) and I am far left so I will be on Corbyn’s side, so yes there will be a biased. (Side note I do have dislexia so sorry for any speeding mistakes.
However my opinion on the matter that this is the plan of the Conservative side to ‘show up’ Corbyn by humiliating him in public after they made such a big deal of him not standing for he national anthem. I say they because of Murdoc’s conservitve media network. It wouldn’t supprise me to see that the conservetives are forcing him to abandon his republican ideas or leave the privie council.
Secondly so what if he missed a meating or two so has, and correct me if I am wrong, the prime minister and other leading officials. So how is retaliating but kicking him of the council and further removing his, just deserved, title. Quite frankly it’s childish why not symply ask for a meeting with him and discuss any issues with out trying publicly humiliate him. More so why isn’t the focus on the poor and shocking behaviour of mp’s, such as insulting half the nation calling them terrorst synthesises or faking death threats.

Chloe Howard Mon 07 December, 2015 - 9:15 am

Dear Emrys
Firstly, may I thank you for a reasonable and polite comment – this is often not the case with republicans who comment on the site.
With regards to the title, we merely reported on the mistake, and not on the politics, save the fact he is diametrically opposed to our views on Monarchy. Corbyn was given the style ‘Rt Hon’ and then it was removed because he wasn’t a counsellor yet: the story was in that he had effectively, been stripped of this, as the Palace had to ask for it to be removed. He is now a Counsellor, so has not been kicked out.
From our point of view at TCC, this is about respect, not politics, RE missing the meeting and the national anthem. While we understand and accept people will have different opinions and therefore views on the Monarchy, this was rude – he wanted to take the position, but not have to follow protocol to become part of the council, which involved meeting The Queen, and kissing her hand etc. Other ministers missed meetings (eg David Cameron’s child was born at the time of his first PC meeting – excuse enough, no?), but none, to our knowledge, were republicans, so it is hard to see them as disrespectful for their actions. While our national anthem is, of course, pro-Monarchy, it was disprespectful to the veterans at St Paul’s and those who died fighting for our freedoms, which enable him to voice his opinions, not to sing. The event was not the time to make a political statement, that is what campaigns and the House of Commons is for.

Edward Wed 09 December, 2015 - 11:09 am

I am sorry But Corbyn is not fit a person to be a Member of Parliament. He is disrespectful to our Queen and country. If he does not like our ways of life. He is always welcome to go and live in Russia. if he is that wat incline and so far left wing, and not to respect all our fighting forces that have served and given there lives. Just to have him preach to say he does not agree with our Queen and country

Andrew Wed 09 December, 2015 - 10:05 pm

This is quite funny. I don’t think of myself as left or right (well, I am left handed) I just try and look at all matters objectively.

This situation is working very well for Jeremy Corbyn. I do not agree with a fair amount of what he stands for but then I could say the same for David Cameron. Jeremy Corbyn is using his position to try and bring about the change that he believes in. That is his job. It is slightly disrespectful to choose not to attend these council meetings but to claim it is traditional is rubbish. All manner of things in the past have been traditional that are no longer accepted. Time does change.

Is it so wrong that an individual (and many people who support him) does not wish to kneel before someone and kiss them? I personally would not want to do that. It would not mean I am necessarily being disrespectful but merely making a choice, as long as I was not rude in to the bargain.

It is no more right or wrong to have a Monarchy than it is to have a Republic. There are countless examples of both working well. The man has made his views clear and his role is to stand for what he believes in and to represent the people who support him. As I see it, he is being very consistent at present. I commend that.

Do I think it will serve him well in time? Nope.

Do I think it is useful for the right to pursue him over such trivial matters? Nope. But I hear you say “it is not trivial” Hmmm, not to you but to others? This is the joy of life and bizarrely politics. There are often more than one view, with none of them being anymore right or wrong than the next. All you have to worry about is appealing to more than the next man. At present, the Tories have this licked. Will it last? Sure, whilst the baby boom generation survive but the generation (or half) behind them I think might see things differently.

The ride will get interesting when intellect and compassion overtakes privilege. Quite ironic that it will probably be the right that reduces the majority to having little option but to back a party with compassion and common sense. Who that will be will depend on how (or more likely if) any party can change and move away from the old fashioned approach to politics. People have had enough of the current setup. Corbyn is shaking it up. I reckon he knows he has no chance but it is probably necessary to instigate mass change. He will not be around for long anyway (and he knows it)

Nigel Prior Thu 10 December, 2015 - 12:43 am

I am fairly sure Jeremy is not bothered about being a member of the privy council. It doesn’t really need to exist anymore.

Andrews views and comments above I must agree with they are most balanced and compassion will hopefully find a way to win over greed.

That is what we need on this country and indeed in the world.


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