The Queen pours the tea at WI meeting – and revealed she skypes!

WI members have revealed that The Queen pours tea at WI meetings, as well as her familiarity with modern technology.

The Queen, who is honorary president of the women’s club, has attended a meeting at the Sandringham branch almost every year since 1943.

One member revealed the normality of the Royal guest: “She pours the tea, she makes sure it’s as you like it and she will offer the cakes round and then we’ll respectfully offer them back.

“It’s just ladies having tea together.”

And while there is no definitive proof, it is thought The Queen enjoys a slice of gingerbread with her tea.

In a discussion about the use of modern technology, Her Majesty raised her hand, and revealed an unexpected interaction with it.

“She suddenly put her hands up and says ‘I’ve been Skyping’.

“I looked at her and she said ‘I’ve been Skyping Zara in Australia’. She was over the moon.”

Granddaughter Zara Tindall was in Australia at the beginning of this year, as an ambassador for the Jeep Magic Millions race, one of the country’s most popular thoroughbred horse sales and race meets.

Skyping would allow Her Majesty to video-call her second-eldest granddaughter, and Mia, her fourth great-grandchild over the Christmas period.

The Queen already has an official Twitter feed and Facebook page, and sent her first tweet last October.

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