The Queen is NOT moving to New York (in case you wondered)

In a strange turn of events, rumours on a New York property blog have suggested that The Queen might be upping sticks – and moving to a $7.9 million apartment in New York.

Property blog Real Deal has stated that a 3000sq ft condo in the 43-storey high United Nations Plaza was purchased by ‘Her Majesty The Queen in Right of New Zealand’.

The property boasts a gym, a pool, and stunning views of the city – the latter of which Buckingham Palace already has.

The article further stated that the $7.9 million (£5 million) came from the Privy Purse – the Palace bank account.

Buckingham Palace have denied to comment on the financial activity of its spending: “I am afraid we do not comment on any private commercial activity of the Privy Purse,” a spokesman said, but it is safe to say that The Queen will not be leaving London any time soon.

That is of course unless renovations mean Her Majesty and The Duke of Edinburgh must vacate to Windsor Castle, some 25 miles outside of the capital.

‘The Independent’ reports that a further search suggested the building was actually signed for by the New Zealand government’s new UN ambassador, Gerard van Bohemen, the new permanent representative to the UN for New Zealand. It is thought that because The Queen is still Head of State in the Commonwealth nation, her name has appeared in the documentation.

photo: I-images

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