Royal Mint unveils a £5 coin to mark Prince William’s 40th birthday

The Royal Mint has unveiled a new £5 coin range to mark The Duke of Cambridge’s 40th birthday.

The coins feature Prince William’s portrait, which is depicted ‘at a three-quarter angle to present a dynamic quality’. It is set against his Royal Cypher (his initial ‘W’ topped with a coronet) and the number ’40’ to reflect the age of the future King.

A new coin has been unveiled for William’s 40th birthday. (Royal Mint)

The father of three turns 40 next month.

On the £5 coin struck in silver and gold, the edge inscription: ‘HRH THE DUKE OF CAMBRIDGE’ complements the theme with an original numismatic feature. His grandmother, The Queen’s image, will be featured on the other side of the coin.

This portrait is the fifth portrait of Her Majesty by Jody Clark.


The coin is designed by Thomas T. Docherty, whose previous work includes the 2008 £2 coin commemorating the centenary of the 1908 London Olympics, the Remembrance Day 2016 Alderney £5 coin, and the 2018 Bicentenery of Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein £2 coin, said: “The design strikes a balance between this fresh energy of His Royal Highness being a young dad with the ceremonial nature of his Royal position.”

“I used certain clay sculpting techniques on a digital platform to achieve the style needed for the design, to translate effectively from two to three dimensions. Using technology, we can now produce designs and sculptures with better efficiency compared to when I began my career 17 years ago. There’s a high level of skills and craftsmanship needed to sculpt designs – the tools are different but the principles remain the same.

“I am incredibly proud to have designed and sculpted this coin, it will forever stand as a major achievement and highlight in my career.”

It is the first UK coin design wholly dedicated to The Duke of Cambridge. One was released in 2011 to mark the marriage of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, featuring both Royals.

There is also limited-edition 2oz gold coin to be released, which is intended as a souvenir and cannot be accepted by banks. A collectable item such as this is not normally in circulation and will likely be popular with royal collectors. Just 100 have been made and will set you back nearly £5000.

Clare Maclennan, Director of Commemorative Coin at The Royal Mint, said: “As the trusted maker of coins for the Monarchs, we are celebrating The Duke of Cambridge’s landmark 40th Birthday with a commemorative coin fit for a future King.

“The elegant design features a portrait of HRH alongside his Royal Cypher and the number ’40’, which pays homage to the maturity and grace of the Prince who has become a senior member of the Royal Family, a devoted husband and a loving father of three, through the eyes of the world.”

Shop the range here, which starts from just £13 for an uncirculated £5 coin.

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