The Countess of Wessex in Blackpool – dancing in the Tower and guide dog kisses

On Tuesday, The Countess of Wessex was in Blackpool for engagements, and she even took a spin around the famous Blackpool Tower ballroom!

The Countess first visited the iconic Grand Theatre where she watched performers from Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Primary School and the Blackpool Scout Show put on a medley of performances. The Grand Theatre this year is celebrating its 125th year since opening.

Sophie applauded the ‘amazing production’ and thanked the children for a ‘truly wonderful show’.

The Countess of Wessex watches a performance at Blackpool’s Grand Theatre (Royal Family)

Sophie meets scouts who performed for her in Blackpool (Royal Family)

Ruth Eastwood, an employee of The Grand Theatre, said it was a ‘real honour’ to welcome another Royal visitor and showcase the talent of the young people. “It has been a wonderful year of celebration and this is another special occasion in a year-long programme of events to make the 125th birthday.

“The Theatre has been honoured to welcome the Royals in its long history and we feel very privileged and very excited to have another change today. It’s great to see the children to full of energy and show the talents of the town.”

Sophie then visited the famous Blackpool Tower, where she had afternoon tea and took part in a performance in the ballroom before a trip up to the top of the tower, known as the Tower Eye.

The Countess of Wessex dances in Blackpool Tower (Royal Family)

Following on from this, The Countess unveiled a plaque in the Tower’s new entertainment suite The Fifth Floor.

We also saw Sophie address listeners to N-Vision’s newspaper for the blind, a talking newspaper segment. The Countess joined long-standing volunteers Joy Killip and Helen Jones while editor in chief Johnny Gardener presided over the recording.

The Royal he spoke of her support for the sight loss community in general and her specific campaign to eradicate avoidable sight loss. This was the focus of her visit to India earlier in the year.

The Countess of Wessex reads the NVision talking newspaper (Royal Family)

Chief executive of the organisation, Ruth Lambert, remarked: “The Countess could not have been nicer. She is a natural. She was utterly charming, engaged and engaging.

“It was clear that she had a very real interest in what we are doing – right across the sight loss community of charities nationally and internationally. There couldn’t be a better ambassador.”

Following the visit, Sophie headed to speak with NVision’s residents, staff, trustees and volunteers – including two guide dogs.  Anna, who’s guide dog greeted the Countess with enthusiasm, said: “I thought she was lovely. She was very interested in what I had to say – and she was very funny about her own dog.”

The Wessexes own a Labrador.

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