Duke and Duchess of Cambridge tackle mental health crisis in GCHQ puzzle book

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have collaborated with GCHQ on a new puzzle book, Puzzles for Spies, to help raise money for their Royal Foundation, to support its work on tackling the mental health crisis in Britain.

The new book consists of puzzles to help introduce readers to the aspects of the work that the service – Government Communication Headquarters – does, and includes a foreword written by the royal couple.

Prince William and Kate, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, during a visit at the Ukrainian Cultural Centre in London

In their foreword, William and Kate, opened with a joke, contemplating that their involvment with the book means they had an advantage: ‘Hopefully this might mean we find them easier to solve…!’

The couple state: ‘As a family, we are no strangers to the vital work of GCHQ. We have seen first-hand how staff constantly adapt to face new threats, and we remain inspired by how committed staff are to protecting our national security.’

Prince William has previously gone undercover with British spies, where he saw the work of MI5, MI6 and GCHQ.

The Duke and Duchess discuss how the COVID pandemic has been ‘one of the biggest global challenges in recent history.’  They note how the ‘pandemic’s impact on the nation’s mental health will not be fully understood for years to come’ and has ‘affected every one of us’.

The Queen makes an appearance at the Platinum Pageant on the final day of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations

‘Your support through the purchase of the book will ensure that the Royal Foundation is able to continue its mental health work at a time when that support is needed more than ever before. We look forward to helping our children solve these puzzles, and hope that this book brings friends and families together to start rich conversations.’

As advocates for tackling mental health, they note how ‘talking openly about mental health can be the first step in removing stigma, fear and isolation.’

The couple draw on the similarities between working for the GCHQ and tackling the mental health crisis as ‘bringing different perspectives together can often be the key to unlocking a solution you can’t quite find on your own’.

GCHQ director Sir Jeremy Fleming said: ‘While problem-solving exercises our brains, it is equally important to take care of our minds. Our first two books raised a staggering amount of money for mental health charities and enabled them to do valuable work in communities across the country.’

‘I’m delighted that through this book we will continue supporting this cause. The work of Their Royal Highnesses has helped many people – including children – be more open about mental health.’

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