The King becomes Park Ranger of Windsor Great Park on his 74th birthday

The historic role dates to 1559 and was also held by Prince Philip

On his 74th birthday, The King has become The Ranger of Windsor Great Park. Buckingham Palace released a new picture of the 74-year old Monarch standing under a great oak tree to mark the occasion.

The role is perfectly suited to His Majesty, who has been raising awareness around environmental issues for over five decades.

King Charles has been appointed Ranger of the Windsor Great Park on his 74th birthday. (Royal Family).

The role dates back to 460 years, to 1559, and offers guidance and oversight to the Deputy Ranger and his team in the daily running of the Park, which is one of the country’s oldest landed estates.

The role at the Park can be traced back Sir Henry Neville was appointed Ranger in the reign of Elizabeth I.

King Charles III follows in his family’s footsteps in taking on the role, as his father, the Duke of Edinburgh, was appointed 70 years ago.

Prince Philip was the longest-serving Ranger. He was appointed by his wife, Queen Elizabeth II, in 1952 and held the role until his passing in 2021. The Duke took an active role in overseeing many developments during his office, including the reintroduction of Red Deer in to the Deer Park in 1979 and the development of The Savill Garden Visitor Centre and Virgina Water Pavilion.

To mark HRH’s commitment as Ranger of the Windsor Great Park, Ranger’s Avenue (a row of young native oaks) was planted in his honour.

The Duke of Edinburgh was the longest serving Ranger of Windsor Great Park – holding the role from 1952 until his passing in 2021. (Royal Family)

The post is typically held by the Monarch and other family members. Previous holders include:

– King George VI, who held the role from 1936 to 1952
– Queen Victoria held the role from 1837 to 1841, and from 1841 to 1862 (his death), Prince Albert was Ranger
– William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland from 1746 to 1766.

Paul Sedgwick, The Crown Estate’s Managing Director, Rural and Deputy Ranger of Windsor Great Park, said: ‘We are honoured to have His Majesty as Ranger of Windsor Great Park, continuing a long tradition of the Sovereign and members of the Royal Family holding this role.

‘Windsor has a wonderful heritage with many precious natural habitats. His Majesty’s passion and commitment to the natural world will be invaluable as we seek to become a centre of excellence for environmental best practise, preserving and enhancing the Great Park for generations to come.’

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