The Queen and The Duchess of Cornwall enjoy a day with the Medical Detection Dogs Charity

Her Majesty The Queen and The Duchess of Cornwall appeared together yesterday at The Royal Mews, to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Medical Detection Dogs Charity.  Camilla has served as Patron of this fascinating charity since 2014.

The Medical Detection Dog Charity trains canines to detect the odour of human diseases, as well as to become alert dogs for individuals with varying medical issues. This is accomplished by employing their unsurpassed sense of smell. In the case of type 1 diabetes, the trained dogs are able to detect alarming changes in a person’s blood sugar levels, thereby alerting the owners, so that they may take the necessary precautions and actions.

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The Queen and Camilla visit with the Medical Detection Dogs Charity. Photo courtesy of The Royal Famil

Queen Elizabeth  and Camilla were treated to an extremely impressive demonstration, showcasing the compelling skills of the talented pups. One project that is currently being developed, centres on training the canines to use their exceedingly skilled detection practices, to recognise the early stages of Parkinson’s disease. The dogs are taught to smell samples of human sweat so that they can distinguish the disease. Another incredible dog, a beautiful Cocker Spaniel named Kizzy, showed off her astonishing ability to detect different forms of cancer in humans, such as prostate and bladder cancer.

Medical detection canines are able to help provide people suffering from chronic, life – threatening afflictions with a greater sense of independence in their lives. Owners who choose to share their lives with one of these remarkable creatures, can  feel confident in their exceptionally schooled canine and their unique skills. During reliability training trials, the Medical Detection Dogs scored an impressive 93%, a number considerably higher than many other existing test scores.

The Queen and Camilla geeting to know some of the Medical Detection Dogs. Photo courtesy of Clarence House

In December, the Duchess participated in an ICAP fundraising day for her patronage.

During the royal visit, Jodie Griffin, 28, was alerted by her dog Nimbus that she may soon fall unconscious and should lie down to alleviate the symptoms; Ms Griffin has postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (Pots).

Ms Griffin, from Cannock in Staffordshire, said: “He’s just changed my life so much.

“Before I had him I used to collapse in the street or down the stairs. I fainted in the road before. But he picks it up every single time. Because he gives me enough warning, lying down reduces the symptoms, reduces the episode.”

Ms Griffin, a pet portrait artist, met The Queen and told her Nimbus is her best friend.

“She sounded really interested,” she said of the Monarch.

The Duchess of Cornwall meeting CEO and Co-founder, Dr. Claire Guest. Photo courtesy of Clarence House

Camilla receives lovely portrait of her dogs – Beth and Bluebell. Photo courtesy of Clarence House

After the intriguing demonstrations, The Duchess of Cornwall met with CEO and Co-Founder of Medical Detection Dogs, Dr. Claire Guest. Dr. Guest’s own cancer had been detected by her dog Daisy, who has since passed away.  Camilla was then presented with a gorgeous framed sketch of her own two pups, Beth and Bluebell. It was a lovely and touching gift from the Medical Detection Dogs Charity.

All in all, it looked to be a rather enjoyable and exciting event for The Queen and The Duchess, exhibited by the delightful smiles and laughs that they shared together and with the adorable pups.

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I am very pleased to know that the queen elizabeth and camilla had a enjoyable time together at the medical protection dog charity.


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