Veterans call for William to step in over FIFA poppy row

Veterans are calling for Prince William to step in and defend footballers’ right to wear a poppy during the England vs Scotland match later this week, after FIFA banned the practice.

A FIFA ruling prevents the nations from carrying ‘political, religious or commercial messages’ on their shirts for their match on 11th November.

© Victoria Howard 2014

Veterans are calling for Prince William to defend footballers’ right to wear a poppy on their shirt (© Victoria Howard 2014)

Former servicemen have suggested that The Duke of Cambridge, as president of the FA, should intervene and get the rule overturned.

Former Guardsman Barry Martin said: “It would be great if Prince William could put himself forward. FIFA’s judgment is an absolute disgrace.”

This sentiment has been echoed in a number of polls, the public wholeheartedly agreeing that British footballers should be allowed to wear their poppies to remember those who fought for our freedom.

Geoff Edwards, 58, who was in the Royal Corps of Transport, told The Sun: “I fully support Prince William getting involved. FIFA wouldn’t even exist if people hadn’t given up their lives.”

One even suggested that Prince Harry – as a veteran of Afghanistan and champion of veterans – could help: “There should be no compromise. Prince Harry is well placed to put our argument forward and if our Royals aren’t going to fight for us, who is?” said Gary Waving, an ex-Lance Corporal.

Prime Minister Theresa May also attacked the move by the international football body in the House of Commons last week calling it ‘utterly disgraceful’.

“Our football players want to recognise and respect those who have given their lives for our safety and security, ” she said. “I think it is absolutely right they should be able to do so.”

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