William and Catherine take the Elizabeth Line to the pub!

The Prince and Princess of Wales poured pints in Soho

The Prince and Princess of Wales proved they’re really just like the rest of us yesterday, as they got the tube to the pub!

Well, maybe not quite – but the couple joined Londoners on a commute to work, when they took the Elizabeth Line from Acton to Tottenham Court Road before walking to their engagement today, a visit to the Dog and Duck pub in Soho, one of the liveliest spots in the capital.

The Prince and Princess of Wales got the Elizabeth Line into central London (Kensington Palace)

The brief trip on the tube came as the couple wanted to thank all those working in public transport ahead of this weekend’s big celebrations.

It was their first time on the new line, named after the late Queen, and dubbed the Lizzie Line by many. But the couple do use the tube to travel around London in a private capacity occasionally, royal aides explained.

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The Elizabeth Line was opened by Elizabeth II with the then-Earl of Wessex almost a year ago, one of her final public engagements.

The Wales family were based at Kensington Palace for nearly 10 years, before relocating to the Windsor estate and Adelaide Cottage. 

During the commute, William and Catherine spoke with drivers and those who oversee the line and asked them how they were going to manage with the extra pressure put on transport services this weekend.

Following the trip, the Royals were given a Transport For London Roundel inscribed with ‘King Charles III’ and a TFL Roundel light box for their children.

William and Catherine walked from Bond Street Station to the Dog and Duck in Soho (Kensington Palace)

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And then it was on to the pub for some pints, and some work of course!

The couple made their way on foot to the Dog and Duck, where they heard how they and local business owners in the area are preparing for the coronation weekend. They also got behind the bar where William had a go at pulling a pint of Kingmaker, which has been specially made for this weekend, and enjoyed a cider each – although the Princess only had a sip.

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William seemed to be enjoying himself a little too much in the relaxing surroundings, audibly sharing a glimpse into a night out he had enjoyed with footballer Wayne Rooney…!

Upon leaving the pub, The Prince and Princess of Wales mingled with the waiting crowds that had come to see them. Everyone only wanted to talk about one thing though. Kate told one well wisher that George was excited to be a Page of Honour on Saturday: ‘Having done a few rehearsals, I think everyone is a bit more relaxed,’ she explained.

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She also told those waiting that their kids were celebrating the coronation at school that day.

Clearly feeling relaxed, the couple stopped to take photos with many people in the crowds, as well as the usual quick hellos and handshakes.

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William, meanwhile, still had his mind on pubs as he spoke to some well wishers about a new cocktail bar in Windsor. Explaining that he loved cocktails, William advised that it was ‘best not to do it before the Coronation but maybe afterwards!’

We’re all with you on that one William!

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