Beaming Queen marks 96th birthday with new photo featuring Fell ponies

A new photo has been released by Buckingham Palace to mark The Queen’s 96th birthday.

Taken in March, Her Majesty is pictured at Windsor with two of her Fell ponies, Bybeck Nightingale (right) and Bybeck Katie (left).

The Monarch yesterday travelled to Sandringham from Windsor, where she will spend her birthday in a typically unfussy way at Wood Farm on the estate.

A new photo of The Queen with Fell ponies to mark her 96th birthday

The Duke of Edinburgh moved to the cottage after his retirement in August 2017, returning to Windsor Castle for the lockdown where he and his wife shielded together in ‘HMS Bubble’.

The snap was commissioned from Henry Dallal by the Royal Windsor Horse Show (RWHS), one of The Queen’s favourite annual events.

In recent months, Her Majesty has cancelled various engagements. She underwent tests during an overnight hospital stay in October, and caught COVID-19 in February. She has also struggled with mobility, which is the reason she is understood to have cancelled her Maundy Thursday appearance; Prince Charles stood in for her.

RWHS showcases equestrian skill and fine horses from across the world. It will take place at in the castle grounds 12-15th May 2022 and feature more than 500 horses.

This year’s it is called ‘A Gallop Through History’, and is a personal tribute to the Monarch. The audience will be taken on a journey from Elizabeth I to today.

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