The Duke of Cambridge opens James’ Place suicide crisis centre in Liverpool

The Duke of Cambridge spent the day in Liverpool on Tuesday, where he met with the mother of a young man who took his own life as he opened a new suicide crisis centre.

James’ Place is the UK’s first centre outside of a clinic or hospital, that aims to support suicidal men through therapy and counselling.

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The centre was set up by the parents of James Wentworth-Stanley, who took his own life in 2006, at the young age of 21. The Prince was greeted by James’ mother who curtsied and kissed William on both cheeks. She thanked the Duke for “bringing the subject out of the shadows” as he officially opened the centre.

Mrs Wentworth-Stanley said: “Very much spurred on by our own tragedy and our own experience of James looking for help when he felt very anxious and suicidal in Newcastle, for him not finding that help, the help he needed anyway.

“I always felt, had a place like this existed, he might still be here today.”

During the visit, Prince William said that suicide “really is quite a big problem, and we don’t talk about it.” Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 35 in the UK. As he opened the centre, William unveiled a plaque and took his time talking to members of staff and relatives of suicidal men. The Duke praised the centre as “pushing the boundaries” by “providing a good building block for other areas in the country.” One woman made a remark about the smell of fresh paint in the room, to which William replied that he is used to it everywhere he goes.

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Earlier in the day, the Duke visited the International Business Festival and talked with delegates and young entrepreneurs. The future King was shown cutting-edge technologies, including 3D-printed robotic limbs produced by a team based at the University of Manchester. William laughed as he was asked to shake hands with the robotic limb.

Addressing delegates at the festival, Prince William remarked: “Britain has always been a champion of trade and a hub for commerce and exchange between our nations.

“There is perhaps nowhere in the country that embodies this more than Liverpool.”

The Duke was also presented with three leather satchels, each with the name of one of his children on. He said of the pink one: “Charlotte will be obsessed with that- I’ll never be able to get it off her!”

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yumiko kokuryuenjoyable Fri 22 June, 2018 - 12:00 am

Opening of james’ place by prince william is very important and meaningful not to waste the death of james., i think.


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