#RoyalBabyWatch has begun! Lindo Wing prepares for Duchess of Cambridge’s royal birth

Royal baby watch officially began today, as we eagerly await news of baby number three. The Duchess of Cambridge is expected to give birth at any time in the coming weeks, although her due date is thought to be mid/late April.

It was also confirmed today that The Duchess of Cambridge will once again give birth in the Lindo Wing of St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, where Prince George and Princess Charlotte were also born. There had been rumours that Catherine wanted to have a home birth for her third child; Kensington Palace has, however, scotched this idea by confirming that the baby will be born in the Lindo Wing.

The Duchess of Cambridge will give birth to baby number 3 at the Lindo Wing of St Mary’s Hospital (Picture by ROTA / i-Images)

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William and Catherine do not know the sex of baby number three, as they want it to be a surprise.

The world is now waiting for the arrival of the third Cambridge baby, as parking restrictions outside the hospital were put into operation today. Parking will be suspended until 30th April, which means there may be quite a wait before we see the Cambridges on the hospital steps, introducing their new child to the world. It is also worth noting that both Prince George and Princess Charlotte are thought to have been born after their due dates!

When Prince George was born back in 2013, reporters had been waiting outside the hospital for over two days before Kate was even in labour. This time, however, the media will have to wait for confirmation of the Duchess being in labour before they are allowed to assemble outside the doors.

William and Kate pose with newborn Princess Charlotte outside the Lindo Wing in 2015 (Picture by Ben Stevens / i-images)

The press pen will be in place from tomorrow, although media will not be allowed to wait outside the hospital and can only use it for brief reports until Catherine is admitted. This will minimise disruption for hospital staff and patients.

April is a busy month in the British royal calendar, which means the baby may share their birthday with another important occasion: The Queen’s actual birthday is on 21st April, although the Sovereign officially celebrates her birthday in June. This year, however, The Queen will be attending a concert to mark her actual birthday on the 21st. 

The 29th April is William and Kate’s wedding anniversary, while Princess Charlotte’s birthday is on 2nd May, although the baby is expected to arrive sometime this month. April 2018 is also particularly busy for the Royals, with the Commonwealth Forum and Heads of Government meetings taking place on 16th-18th and 19th-20th respectively.

Prince William and Prince George pictured outside the Lindo Wing after Charlotte’s birth in 2015 (Picture by Ben Stevens / i-Images)

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It is hoped that we will also see Prince George and Princess Charlotte outside the Lindo Wing when the moment comes; William brought George to the hospital to meet his newborn sister back in April 2015.

The children’s last official engagement was their tour of Germany and Poland last summer, although we saw George when he started school in September and there were new pictures of Charlotte when she started nursery in January.

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Yumiko kokuryu Mon 09 April, 2018 - 9:14 pm

I hope that Princess catherine will give birth to a healthy third baby.


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