‘Thank goodness for volunteers!’ Camilla thanks RVS members at Wembley vaccination centre

The Duchess of Cornwall visited Wembley Vaccination Centre yesterday, to talk to Royal Voluntary Service (RVS) volunteers supporting the UK vaccination rollout and thank them for their service.


The Duchess of Cornwall speaking to RVS volunteers about the work they are undertaking to support the vaccination programme. (@NHSVolResponder/Twitter)

Wearing a high-vis jacket and a disposable face covering, Camilla spoke to Steward Volunteer Responders for the NHS, including Liyann Ooi, James Leggett and Louise Jacobs.

Camilla, President of the RVS, heard how the volunteers guide people to make sure the vaccination programme runs as efficiently as possible.

Commenting on the role of volunteers, Camilla said with glee: “Thank goodness for volunteers!”

Student Liyann Ooi, who is one of the volunteers, highlighted that because Camilla had received the vaccination, it had provided ‘reassurance to those yet to have theirs’ to book an appointment.

“I have loved my time volunteering so far and meeting Her Royal Highness today really was amazing,” she added.

Camilla’s visit comes just days after she visited the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, to learn about coronavirus vaccine trials, alongside Prince Charles.

As a longtime supporter of the NHS, the Royal spoke to a number of individuals who were waiting in line to receive their COVID-19 vaccinations.

Having recently received her first vaccination, Camilla told those waiting at the centre: “It feels like the first step of freedom, I certainly felt like that. I hope you’re able to be reunited with your grandchildren, I think we’re all looking forward to that.”

Speaking about HRH paying a visit to the centre, Sam Ward, Deputy CEO of Royal Voluntary Service, said: “We are incredibly grateful to our President HRH The Duchess of Cornwall for visiting the vaccination site and showing her support of the NHS Volunteer Responder Volunteers.

“Each and every volunteer who stepped forward to support the NHS and their community is a hero in my eyes. We truly appreciate the continued efforts of our volunteers during the pandemic and as the vaccination programme moves forward.”

Throughout the pandemic, The Duchess of Cornwall has made sure to support the organisation. Camilla gave a message of support to volunteers across the country who had come together to support those affected by COVID-19. In October 2020, she visited an RVS Lunch Club in Rickmansworth and served food to some elderly diners who come every week to socialise and relax.

Other senior Royals, including The Duchess of Cambridge and The Countess of Wessex, have also supported the charity by taking in ‘check in and chat’ calls with those who are self-isolating, vulnerable or elderly. The Duchess of Cambridge had the chance to meet one of the individuals she had been speaking with as part of the Royal Train Tour.

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