The Queen not expected to return to Buckingham Palace until pandemic is over

It is understood that The Queen will not return to Buckingham Palace after returning from her Scottish summer holiday, but will continue with Windsor Castle as her base.

The Times is reporting that Her Majesty will ‘will not resume residence’ at her central London home for ‘the foreseeable future’, but will attend events and receptions there when safe and appropriate.

The Queen will not be returning to Buckingham Palace, but will use Windsor as her base

It suggests she will not be back at the palace this year, or until the pandemic is fully over, which estimates suggest could be in 2022.

“There is a desire to get Buckingham Palace up and running as a working palace, but only if all the relevant advice suggests it is appropriate to do so,” The Times quotes a ‘royal source’.

Windsor was The Queen’s home for the duration of lockdown, since going there in mid-March with Prince Philip. Staff, various reports explain, worked in three-week rotations in two groups of 12,  to allow for the correct safety precautions to be in place for the 94-year-old Monarch and her 98-year-old husband. This was known as HMS Bubble.

Buckingham Palace is The Queen’s working home in London

The Queen’s private apartments at Windsor Castle overlook the Quadrangle (© Victoria Howard)

It is widely known that Windsor is The Queen’s preferred residence, feeling more ‘at home’ there. The ancient chapel within the castle grounds is also the planned location for The Queen’s burial, alongside the tombs of her father, mother and numerous other Monarchs including Henry VIII.

The story also informs us that the South African state visit planned for October will probably not be going ahead, and plans are being considered to allow for Elizabeth to attend commemorations at the Cenotaph in November.

Other Royals are expected to return to London – to Kensington Palace and Clarence House – later this month.

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